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Integrative Therapeutic Counselling: Tailored for You

Taking the first step towards therapy is often a big decision. You might feel unsure about where to start or how to express yourself.

My integrative counselling approach is designed to help you start feeling like yourself again. By blending various therapeutic techniques, I create a personalised experience tailored to your unique needs.

I believe in combining real-world wisdom with cutting-edge therapeutic techniques to support you in building a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. Whatever challenges you're facing, my goal is to provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space where you can freely express yourself and explore your emotions and experiences.

With compassion and empathy, I integrate a range of therapy models to help you better understand your struggles and empower you to overcome them. Whether it's drawing from cognitive-behavioural techniques, mindfulness practices, or psychodynamic principles, I adapt my methods to best support your individual journey.

Therapy isn't just about addressing challenges - it's about fostering self-direction and resilience, empowering you to grow and thrive.

I work with a wide range of issues, including depression, low self-esteem , anxiety, relationship problems, neurodiversity, and PTSD. As a fully qualified counsellor, I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I adhere to their code of ethics.

A Warm, Non-Judgemental,

Safe, and Confidential Space

This is where you can build a sustainable path forward to become the most authentic and fulfilled version of yourself. You can book a session at my private practice therapy room in Canterbury or, if you prefer, arrange an online session via Google Meet or Doxy.me. I use an integrative therapeutic approach to address a diverse range of issues.

Issues I help with:

  • Estrangement
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Neurodivergent challenges
  • Feeling 'wrong' or 'stuck'
  • Guilt and shame
  • Illness
  • LGBTQ+ affirmative
  • Loneliness
  • Low self-esteem
  • Menopause / Perimenopause
  • ADHD / Autism / Dyslexia
  • Anxiety
  • Baby loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death)
  • Depression
  • Trauma / Abuse
  • Divorce and separation
  • Emotionally unstable personality disorder
  • Narcissistic and dysfunctional families
  • PTSD and complex PTSD

If you don’t see the issue that you are struggling with above, please contact me to see if I can help.

What to Expect

Whether you've been struggling for a long time, or are facing a recent challenge, you will find a safe space to talk openly and honestly about your feelings and emotions. Each session is client-led, allowing us to journey together to discover empowering ways to find your answers and drive forward for change.

Take the Next Step

It can feel daunting speaking to a therapist for the first time, but don't worry. You can call me on 07368 458050 or email info@hannahmetternichtherapy.co.uk to arrange a convenient time for an informal chat to explore your needs. This conversation takes around 15 minutes, and it helps me determine how best to support you. There is no pressure or obligation to undergo therapy – you are free to decide how you wish to proceed.

Your First Session

The first session usually takes 75 minutes, to cover all the necessary background information, helping me establish the best way for us to work together. It's also an excellent opportunity to ask questions and learn about the therapeutic process. Regular sessions last 50 minutes.

Contact Me

To book an appointment, please call me on 07368 458050 or email

info@hannahmetternichtherapy.co.uk using the contact form below.

Sessions and Fees

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation call to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Follow-on therapy sessions last 50 minutes and can be conducted online via Google Meet, Doxy.me, or face-to-face at my light and spacious therapy practice in Canterbury.

Sessions are charged at £55 for 50 minutes.

My Location

Lullingstone House,

Lullingstone Court,

St John's Lane,




I am within easy reach of Faversham, Whitstable and Herne Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have online counselling?

Absolutely. Online counselling is an effective and convenient way to engage with a therapist, especially if you cannot meet me in person at my Canterbury practice. I use Google Meet or Doxy.me for sessions. Once we agree on a time and day, I will send you an invite link, and we can begin our session. If I feel that some of your issues would be better addressed in person, I may suggest an in-person meeting or help you find a suitable local resource for support.

What happens in a counselling session?

In our sessions, you control what we explore and discuss. You will have a safe, non-judgmental space to talk freely and honestly about your experiences and current issues. I am committed to integrity, respect, and empathy, and I will listen intently, helping you explore your emotions and understand your feelings deeply. The goal of therapy is to help you find answers from within, enabling you to understand yourself better and move forward in your life.

Is counselling confidential?

Yes, everything you share with me is completely confidential. I discuss my work with a supervisor to ensure the highest quality of care, but your identity and distinguishing details are always protected. There are only two exceptions: If you disclose involvement in or knowledge of criminal activities such as terrorism, money laundering or drug trafficking, or if there is a safeguarding issue and I believe either you, an adult related to you, or your child could be at risk of harm or abuse.

How do I know which therapy is best for me?

Don’t worry if you're unsure about which therapy approach would best support you. I will help determine the most suitable therapy for your unique needs. We will explore your readiness and suitability for various therapies and regularly review your responses to them, allowing us to adapt the approach to support any changing needs you may have.

You are an essential part of this process. We will work together to tailor therapy to you, ensuring you feel included and comfortable with the approach we take. Regardless of the therapy we choose, it is crucial that you feel safe within a trusting relationship. I focus on compassion, empathy, acceptance, genuineness, patience, trust, respect, and understanding to foster this environment.

How long and how often do I expect to undergo counselling?

Weekly sessions are ideal for making steady progress towards your goals. Each session builds on the last, so frequent sessions enable quicker progress. Fortnightly meetings are sometimes possible but your progress could be slower. The duration of therapy is tailored to each individual's unique circumstances, including your background, experiences, and current challenges. We can arrange anything from a few sessions to an open-ended time frame. Our agreement is always flexible and open to review, allowing you to change your mind as your needs evolve.

Do I need a referral from my GP to book an appointment?

No referral is needed. You are free to access counselling whenever you need extra support. You can get in touch with me directly.

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