About me

I am a qualified therapist and registered member of NCPS and the BACP, a professional membership for counsellors and therapists.

It was my personal experience of therapy for the first time fifteen years ago that was life-changing, profoundly impacting on me, eventually leading to my journey to train and work as a therapist. I know how it feels to be vulnerable and experience low self-esteem – and I understand how powerful it is to be heard and listened to. My therapist changed how I thought about myself and recognised my intrinsic value, developing my potential for self-belief.

Today I work with many individuals struggling with a wide range of issues helping you fulfil your potential. My clients say that working with me has allowed them to feel safe, heard, understood and accepted - more confident to face life challenges and form and maintain fulfilling relationships.

My approach is to journey alongside you, helping you explore your experiences, gain deeper awareness and understanding of who you are, and realise your inner strengths. I firmly believe that learning to trust, accept and value oneself for who we are, enables us to develop and change to be the best version of ourselves.

Having received a diagnosis of dyslexia and ADHD later in life, I now help others with neurodivergent challenges – I understand how being made to feel different can impact your childhood and teenage years and how it shapes your future self, and the effect this can have on your self-esteem and the value you place in yourself. My inclusive and effective counselling practice is based on my core values of integrity, empathy and respect.

I work as an integrative counsellor

This means I draw on elements from different techniques and theories to help you explore and cope with your problems, enabling me to choose the approach that suits you as a unique individual. This whole-person philosophy provides a bespoke approach to help you realise your inner strengths and develop better understanding, self-acceptance and genuine change.

I believe there is always a better way for everyone, regardless of background, environment, challenges, physical and mental health, or neurodiversity. It’s life-affirming to see the change in my clients – how they grow in resilience and self-belief to get to where they are going.

Training & qualifications

  • Level 4 Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling
  • Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Level 2 Award in Skilled Helping and Counselling Skills
  • Level 2 Mental Health Awareness Award
  • Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis
  • Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Link Centre in Sussex (UKATA Registered Training Centre). Completion 2025

Contact me

To book an appointment, please call me on 07368 458050 or email

info@hannahmetternichtherapy.co.uk using the contact form below.

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